Johan, Nadien and Jaco Bosch

Your hosts

Johan and Nadien Bosch, now joined by son Jaco who’s passion for Dinaka, the wildlife, the outdoors and people will only enhance your experience.

Dinaka, being a family business ensures the highest quality of services at all times. Johan & Nadien Bosch are both the owner's of the reserve as well as the hunting outfit. Johan and Nadien will be involved in every aspect of your safari, ensuring that everything promised will be delivered.

The Dinaka team is comprised of 18 full time employees, who live on the property. Some have been working for the family for 40 years and labour turnover is almost non-existent. Each and every member's experience and dedication will always ensure a most memorable trip for all our clients. We have a team of professional hunters and rangers, a skinning and butchery team, mechanics and maintenance guys, as well as the girls who take such good care of the guests at the lodge. We focus on advance training for staff and it has paid off.

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